Greetings Rebels,

Over the last few weeks we challenged the sportswashing and greenwashing of a fossil fuel giant and sent a clear message to the South Australian government: DUMP SANTOS!

Whether Santos continues its controversial sponsorship of the Tour Down Under is a decision that now rests with the government. The pressure is on and will continue to rise as the rebellion against extinction rages on.

We’d like to thank you for your support in this period and invite you to join us for our January All-In Meeting this Sunday as we reflect and plan our next steps.

One of those next steps is our next major wave of action at the APPEA Oil & Gas conference in May. Further information will be available closer to the date. Please take a moment to mark yourself as going and invite people you know to join us in rebellion.

Dump Santos Action Roundup

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The action kicked off on the eve of the TDU with rebels dumping a large number of bicycles rescued from landfill in front of Santos HQ. Drawing the connection between fossil oil and the TDU, rebels poured a trail of fake, non-toxic oil from the Santos building down onto the pile of bicycles and rebels.

Anna and Dharma glued themselves to the bicycles as traffic on the north side of Flinders Street was diverted. Both were arrested and charged with obstructing traffic.

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The following evening rebels gate crashed the TDU Team Presentations at the Tour Village in Tarntanyangga. 12 rebels snuck in and revealed ‘Dump Santos’ bibs while holding large banners by the side of the stage. Outside groups of raucous rebels swarmed entrances with banners, flags and searing chants that were audible within the Tour Village.

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On Saturday, Adelaide experienced extreme temperatures which left Kidical Mass and XR organisers with no other option but to cancel the planned Renewables Down Under family ride. The family ride will be rescheduled. Please keep an eye on our social media for updates.

On Sunday rebels from Extinction Rebellion ACT and The Peoples Climate Assembly swarmed the capital in solidarity with our calls to dump Santos. Rebels occupied roads and even broke out into some discobedience!

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Later on Sunday rebels bared breasts and bums during the Women’s Stage One race. The group of women ranging in age from 58 to 78 firstly exposed their breasts as they unbuttoned their tops to reveal the message: SANTOS SUX. They then proceed to turn around and undo the flaps covering their backsides to reveal the message: DUMP SANTOS!

Police gave no warning to rebels before proceeding to arrest Beatrix, Mag and Jayne. It is unclear to us why only these three rebels were targeted. All three were charged with indecent behaviour.

Before their arrest the group sang an updated version of Don’t Be Too Polite Girls with the refrain “We got rid of big tobacco, we’ll get rid of Santos too” calling for Santos to be dumped as the TDU sponsor.

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City actions returned on Tuesday as rebels gatecrashed the TDU Prologue Race in Adelaide. Rebels staged a die-in before crashing live television crosses of the event with the message: Time is up for climate! Time is up for Santos!

Rebels were met with police on horseback as they move around the time trial course.

On Wednesday and Friday rebels from the ZigZag affinity group brought out a giant Mother Earth puppet to the starting lines of the Men’s races.

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On Thursday rebels held a surprise banner swarm ahead of the Men’s Stage 2 race in Brighton. Directly confronting Santos’ sportswashing and greenwashing at the race itself. Rebels cleared the road before the start of the race and proceed to make their way to the starting line after the streets were opened up.

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On Friday rebels David and Andrew doned the ‘Dump Santos’ message as they crossed the finish line for the grueling TDU Challenge Tour. They were followed by seven rebels who joined the tour in the final stretches with supporters cheering them on at the finish line.

Tour Down Under security stepped out in front of the supporting riders, putting them at risk. One rebel was dragged off their bicycle and grazed their knee. Their bicycle was also damaged.

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On Saturday pedal rebels from XR Vic were touring the streets of Naarm/Melbourne with a scramble of skeletons clutching their ANZ Australia and Santos Ltd briefcases.

Last year Santos was slammed out of the Australian Open. However Santos funder ANZ is still a major sponsor for the event. Sports sponsorships from fossil fuels and their funders must be dumped.

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Later on Saturday rebels dropped banners on Corkscrew Rd just up from the finish of the Men’s Stage 4 Race. The banners called out SA Labor on their support for Santos’ greenwashing.

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Minutes out from the Saturday TDU criterium race, rebels chucked buckets of black paint and sprawled the message ‘Dump Santos’ across Santos HQ in Adelaide. The race course passed Santos on both sides of Flinders Street. Race organisers swiftly removed all sponsor advertising from the vicinity of the Santos building.

Peter, who spray painted ‘Dump Santos’ across the building will be charged with property damage. He left the area after police requested that he cease loitering.

Rebels Claire and Louis who chucked black paint proceeded to glue their feet and hands respectively to the footpath and building. Both stayed glued on until the race completed and winners were announced. Both were charged with property damage.

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On Sunday rebels were at the Men’s Stage 5 race as they rounded out our wave of action with banners, chants and flags at Crafers. They enjoyed a picnic before the riders passed the sea of flags.

Throughout the Tour Down Under rebels painted the streets with the ‘Dump Santos’ message. Areas surrounding the race were plastered with stenciled messages. Posters and stickers were plastered everywhere and the Santos brand was crossed out wherever it appeared.

Support and Solidarity

The campaign to dump Santos as TDU sponsor received widespread support.

Firstly rebels from the XR ACT, XR VIC and The Peoples Climate Assembly all held solidarity actions. Our friends at Fossil Free SA, who have been protesting this issue for years, held actions in and around the Tour Down Under.

Yamatji-Noongar woman and Greens Senator Dorinda Cox published a media release at the start of the TDU calling on Santos to be dumped as sponsor. She was joined by Greens Senator Barbara Pocock who displayed banners at her office near the race starting line.

SA Labor, in their own words, has the back of the oil and gas industry. So it was no surprise to see MP’s Tom Koutsantonis, Joe Szakacs, Katrine Hildyard, Zoe Bettison and Susan Close all came out against our protests of the Santos sponsorship.

SA Greens MLC’s Robert Simms and Tammy Franks both continued their calls to have Santos dumped as sponsor.

Community organisation Bike Adelaide also came out in support for the calls to dump Santos as some in the international cycling media labeled our protests as a wake-up call for cycling.

Fossil Ad Ban called on South Australians to refuse to show the Santos logo during the TDU and the SA arts community published an open letter calling on the Botanic Gardens to dump Santos as a sponsor of the Museum of Economic Botany.

On January 14th Gomeroi elders held a gathering in Coonabarabran in response to the Native Title determination that favoured Santos and their destructive Narrabri Gas Project. Councillor Kodi Brady live-streamed the gathering on his Facebook page. Please take a moment out of your day to listen to the Gomeroi elders.

Support Rebels in Court

In February and March rebels will be appearing in court after taking action in October and January. You can support them by contributing to the arrestee fundraiser here. Supporters will maintain a presence out the front of the courts. You’re welcome to join them.

Last week Robyn, who blocked the entrance to the Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference had her charges removed and received a caution.

Support Mai at court
Tuesday, February 7 at 2:15pm
Adelaide Magistrates Court
260 Victoria Square, Adelaide
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Support Leena, Ea, Mary and John at court
Wednesday, February 15 at 10am
Adelaide Magistrates Court
260 Victoria Square, Adelaide
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Support Cathy at court
Wednesday, February 15 at 11:30am
Adelaide Magistrates Court
260 Victoria Square, Adelaide
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Support Beatrix, Mag and Jayne at court
Thursday, February 23 at 10am
Christies Beach Magistrates Court
96 Dyson Rd, Christie Downs
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Support Dharma and Anna at court
Wednesday, March 15 at 10am
Adelaide Magistrates Court
260 Victoria Square, Adelaide
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Regenerative Break

The XRSA Anchor Circle has called for a regenerative break from January 30th – February 13th. This is a time for rebels to rest so that we may have renewed energy to carry the struggle forward.

As per our principles, we value reflecting and learning. More information about debriefing and reflecting on this action period have been shared on our internal Action Network chat.

We thank you for your involvement and support throughout this wave of action and look forward to connecting with you soon.

With love and rage,

Extinction Rebellion South Australia