Greetings Rebels,

Welcome to the XRSA December Newsletter. We hope this email finds you safe and well as the year comes to a close. And what an amazing year it has been!

Together we staged mass disruption day after day at the Asia Pacific Oil and Gas conference and kept the pressure on our government during both the state and federal elections. Beds were burnt, scientists glued on, Blinky cried and so much more.

We glued, sang, chained, sitched, whistled and organised together in love for the natural world and in rage against its destruction. In whatever capacity you were involved, we thank you for your ongoing commitment.

In today’s newsletter we look ahead at our next wave of action in January during the Santos Tour Down Under. We also cover recent actions and news from throughout December.

The next wave of our End Fossil Fuels Now campaign is targeting Santos during the Tour Down Under from January 13th – 22nd. We cannot allow our streets to be flooded with the brand of a price-gouging, gas spewing, sports-washing fossil fuel company!

This wave will consist of decentralised public protest actions across the state, open actions that anyone can participate in at any time (more on this soon) and targeted disruptive actions.

We recommend signing up to the campaign so that we can reach out to you directly. Our collective power comes from the numbers of rebels engaging in support and resistance. So we need you in whatever capacity you have to support this wave of action.

We are pleased to share that rebels from the ACT and Victoria will also be running actions in this period! Below is the full list of public actions.

Public actions schedule

Campaign Kickoff – TDU Team Presentation
Friday, January 13 at 5:30pm
St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral, Adelaide
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Renewables Down Under – Family Ride
Saturday, January 14 at 11:30am
South of Veale Gardens area Sir Lewis Cohen Ave, Adelaide
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Women’s Stage 1 Action
Sunday, January 15 at 11am
Location confirmed soon, race is from Glenelg – Aldinga
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Men’s Prologue Race Action
Tuesday, January 17 at 5:30pm
Adelaide CBD
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Challenge Ride
Friday, January 20 at 11am
Gate 1, Black Hill Conservation Park
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Men’s Stage 5 Race Action
Sunday, January 22 at 11am
Location confirmed soon

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Interstate Actions

Bike Swarm for a Liveable Planet: Tour Down Under DUMP SANTOS
Sunday, January 15 at 10am
Haig Park, Canberra
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XRVic Pedal Rebels Tour Down Under
Saturday, January 21 at 10am
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Please help us spread the word by putting up posters in your community.

Over the last month 13 rebels, who took action during October’s Oil and Gas Blockade and Oil and Gas Roundtable, appeared in court. Rebels Peter, Cate, Trish and Louis received no conviction and no penalty. The remaining rebels had their cases adjourned for a later date, some of them had their bail conditions eased.

Supporters will be returning outside the Adelaide Magistrates Court later this week and in February. Please consider joining them or contributing to the arrestee fundraiser.

Support Mai, Mel and Claire at court
Thursday, December 22nd at 10am
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Support Leena, Ea, Mary and John at court
Wednesday, February 15th at 10am
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Support Cathy at court
Wednesday, February 15th at 11:30am
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We are awaiting to hear the verdict on Robyn’s case and will provide updates on social media.

Recently we publicly released a recording of the Oil and Gas Roundtable keynote address by Tom Koutsantonis’s after the initial address was disrupted by rebels. You can listen to the recording here.

Across so-called Australia, and indeed the world, the right to organise and protest is being met with reactionary state crackdown. In other states we are seeing the introduction of anti-protest laws that are a threat to our democratic freedoms.

Last week we saw three climate activists come face-to-face with anti-protest laws in NSW.

Emma from Blockade Australia was facing three years in jail and has had the more serious charges dropped. She was granted bail until her adjournment this week.

Violet from Fireproof Australia was sentenced to fifteen months, eight without parole, and was granted bail while she appeals the sentence.

Wenzel from Blockade Australia was charged under old protest law with ludicrous but indictable charges of Endanger Life and Incitement dropped. He’s been fined $150 and $1,200 with a community corrections order for 18 months on conditions of good behaviour.

Actions in support of activists and against the attack on protest were held across the country. Locally, Uni Students for Climate Justice held a rally on the steps of Parliament House where rebel Ronny gave the following speech.

For our last action of the year, the Rebel Rebel Brigade visited Glenelg for an evocative action drawing attention to rising sea levels. We know that this is a major threat to the Global South, our neighbors in the Pacific and even closer to home. The procession of Red Rebels entered the sea before closing out the action by the Big Red Heart statue in Glenelg.

You can watch the livestream of this action here and see the photographs here.

To close out today’s email we thought we’d share a festive photo from December 2020 when Mai scaled the giant Christmas tree in Tarntanyangga. She dropped banners reading ‘Good will to Earth’ and ‘Climate Peace’.

We wish you a safe and regenerative break. Looking forward to reconnecting in the new year (if we don’t catch you earlier) when we give the gift of disruption to the climate wreckers at Santos.

With love and rage,

Extinction Rebellion South Australia