Morning Rebels,

Last week we sent a message loud and clear to the fossil fuel industry: you are not welcome here. We challenged the hypocrisy of our climate declaring state government who continues to pursue fossil fuel expansion. And we showed the strength, the love and the rage of the climate movement in South Australia.

Hundreds were mobilised over three days of disruptive action at the Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference (APOGCE). Rebels locked arms, made noise, threw fake oil and blood, jumped barricades and engaged in a variety of tactics throughout. The state responded with a massive police presence to defend the fossil fuel industry.

Following APOGCE, rebels chained and glued themselves to the doors of the National Wine Centre disrupting a keynote address from Energy and Mining Minister, Tom Koutsantonis. After attendees cleared the room Koutsantonis spoke frankly about Extinction Rebellion to the oil and gas industry:

“Make no mistake, they are having an impact. We need to be cognizant of that.”

This rounds out the first wave of action for the End Fossil Fuels Now campaign. Photos, videos and livestreams are all available on our social media pages. There’s also a fantastic write up on

The next wave of action is in January 2023. We will disrupt the Santos Tour Down Under with actions day after day. We will disable the greenwashing of a fossil fuel giant and make our government cut its ties with an industry that is killing us.

In late November and early December arrested rebels we be in court. You can support them by contributing to the arrestee fundraiser here. Supporters will maintain a presence out the front of the courts. You’re welcome to join them.

Support Robyn and Peter in court
Wednesday, November 30 at 11am
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Support Claire, Mel and Mai in court
Friday, December 2 at 10am
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Support Cate, Trish, Cathy & Louis in court
Tuesday, December 6 at 11:30am
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Support Leena, John, Mary and Ea in court
Wednesday, December 7 at 11:30am
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The XRSA Anchor Circle has called for a regenerative break from the 24th October – 7th November. This is a time for rebels and core teams to rest so that we may have renewed energy to carry the struggle forward.

As per our principles, we value reflecting and learning. More information about debriefing and reflecting on this action period will be made available after the regenerative break.

We thank you for your involvement and support throughout this first wave of action and look forward to reconnecting with you soon.

With love and rage,

Extinction Rebellion South Australia