Greetings Rebels,

It has now been over 100 days since the federal election. The agenda of the new government is clear. It’s business as usual: insufficient targets, new fossil fuel projects and a failing to curtain an industry that is leading us off a cliff. Rebels have been hitting the streets with actions to keep the pressure on the new government.

Now is the time to jump in and ratchet up the pressure. This October there will be a mass action to blockade the Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference. Taking the struggle directly to an industry that is causing the harm.

We have voted. We have held huge rallies and demanded change. Now is the time for mass participation in non-violent civil disobedience. Let’s get on with it!

Next Steps for New Rebels

XRSA announces our EFFN Campaign!

Earlier this month XRSA announced our new End Fossil Fuels Now (EFFN) campaign. The campaign will stage waves of actions around key events where the government partners with the fossil fuel industry.

The first wave of action centers around a blockade of the Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference this October. The conference is the flagship regional event for the Society of Petroleum Engineers. The state government is a partner of the event despite declaring a climate emergency earlier this year.

To blockade this event we need to mobilise hundreds of people in non-violent civil resistance. We are asking you to commit to joining us on the front-line, in a support role or in mobilisation.

Help get the word out by sharing the Facebook event and distributing flyers and posters.

100 Days of the Albanese Government

Rebels kicked off the EFFN campaign with a series of actions timed for 100 days since the election. A period in which the government sets the agenda for their full term.

On Saturday rebels Meme and Sarah glued their feet to the awning of Rundle Mall Plaza leading police to close down part of the Mall for roughly 2 hours.

The protest brought attention to the woeful lack of action from the Labor government to curtail the fossil fuel industry. Just last week, the Government announced it would be opening up nearly 47,000 sq km of Australian waters to oil and gas exploration, a move that is incompatible with meeting Paris Agreement climate goals and at odds with Labor’s own climate targets.

Meme and Sarah were arrested and face charges of unlawfully being on premises. Dave, who joined the action with supporters at ground level was also arrested and faces charges of loitering and hindering police. They will be in court on the 13th of October.

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On Monday morning Cathy glued themselves to the front of Labor HQ in Adelaide blocking the building entrance. They were arrested and later released with a caution. No charges. No bail.

Our message: We are not going away. Those that voted for more from our government are not going away. We’re sticking with our demands!

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Stop Dining Out on Oil and Gas

Earlier in the month, the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association and friends buried their snouts in the trough for a dinner at the Hilton.

Rebels ‘greeted’ dinner guests with Cathy and Ian chaining themselves to the railing out the front of the Hilton.

On the inside, Nick Harley from Santos shilled Carbon Capture & Storage. An ineffective technology that the fossil fuels industry uses to pollute longer than necessary.

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Climate Action Now Protest

Rebels from XRSA joined other climate groups on the steps of Parliament House earlier in the month all demanding climate action now.

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Hope and Reality Action

Saturday, September 3rd at 1:30 PM – 3 PM
In front of the State Library of South Australia

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Stitch It Don’t Ditch It: Public Mending Circle

Saturday, September 17th at 11 AM – 1 PM
Outside H&M Rundle Mall

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Blockade the Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference

October 17th – 19th
Adelaide Convention Centre

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Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Training

Sunday, October 9th at 10:00 AM – 4 PM
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Heading for Extinction (and what to do about it)

Sunday, September 11th at 9:30 AM – 11 AM

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Support Meme, Sarah and David at Court

Tuesday, October 13th at 10am
Adelaide Magistrates Court

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