Greetings Rebels,

Welcome to the XRSA late November Newsletter. We hope this email finds you safe and well.

We’ve seen an explosion of civil disobedience following COP26.

In Newcastle, Blockade Australia have held over 20 actions over 11 consecutive days as they blockade the biggest coal port in the world. Threats by police of 25 years in jail didn’t deter rebels who continued taking staunch action. As these actions draw to a close one of the rebels, Sergio, has been sentenced to 12 months in prison.

This morning three activists shutdown Scarborough Gas in Western Australia following the final project sign off on Monday. It’s set to be dirtiest fossil fuel project in a decade, and will pump 1.7 billion tonnes of toxic carbon into the air.

As listed below we’ve been rolling on with actions as we begin to close to out the year. In early December there will be events for both reflection and celebration. We will also be supporting thirteen rebels who will be facing court next month.

Next Steps for New Rebels

COP this shit

On the final day of COP26 rebels dumped an enormous pile of shit at the office of Federal Finance Minister Simon Birmingham. Our message: COP26 climate summit was bullshit and Australia’s contribution stunk most of all.

Birmingham assures us that Australia is “over achieving” on climate. That’s what Morrison was going to tell the world at COP26. There’s spin and then there’s BS. Clearly Birmingham is full of it.

We listed the horse manure for public collection on both GumTree and Facebook marketplace and also notified local gardeners. Unfortunately Birmingham, despite claiming that gardeners were welcome to pickup the manure, had it removed within several hours.

This action received widespread media attention both locally and internationally.

Watch Livestream | Watch Action Video | Watch Reel | Watch Jordan’s Tik Tok

Babes on Bicycles

Earlier this month rebels supported a family friendly, bicycle protest parade down King William Street. The event was for both local action, with improved bicycle infrastructure for safer riding and national climate action at COP26.

This action was run by Middle Ground Motherhood, Bike Adelaide and Australian Parents for Climate Action.

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COP Global Day of Action

Following the bicycle parade was the COP26 Global Day of Action by Uni Students for Climate Justice. Rebels were present at the rally on the steps of Parliament with conscientious protector Ronny giving a speech.

View Photos | Watch Ronny’s Speech

Don’t NAB Our Future

NAB recently announced their new oil and gas policy. They will continue investing in fossil fuels, including funding major projects such as the Scarborough Gasfield off Western Australia – the biggest fossil fuel project ever attempted in Australia’s history. Despite claims of aligning with the International Energy Agency’s call for an immediate end to new fossil fuels. This policy will only do so in 2026.

So after a brief break rebels are back at NAB branches. Building the pressure in the lead up to NAB’s AGM on December 17th.

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Reverse Graffiti

Spotted in Goodwood were these reverse graffiti messages that were cleaned off a dirty wall.

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In December thirteen rebels will face court. Please come and support our brave rebels. We will be having a presence out the front of the courts. If you can please donate to their fundraiser.

Support Mai, Ronny and Jenny at Court

Thursday, December 9th – Time TBC
Adelaide Magistrates Court, 260 Victoria Square, Adelaide

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Support Duty of Care Rebels at Court

Friday, December 17th – Time TBC
Adelaide Magistrates Court, 260 Victoria Square, Adelaide

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Support Mary and Ian at Court

Monday, December 20th – Time TBC
Adelaide Magistrates Court, 260 Victoria Square, Adelaide

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Security Workshop

Sunday, November 28th at 6:30 PM – 8:45 PM
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Where to from here?

Sunday, December 4th at 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM
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End of Year Celebration

Sunday, December 5th at 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
The Box Factory, 59 Regent Street South, Adelaide
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Rebel Tech Cafe

Sunday, December 5th at 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM
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Heading for Extinction (and what to do about it)

Sunday, November 28th at 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM
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Wednesday, December 1st at 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
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Welcome and Orientation

Sunday, November 28th at 6:30 PM – 7:45 PM
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Sunday, December 5th at 6:30 PM – 7:45 PM
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