Code red for humanity – we need everyone!

Our planet’s systems are fast approaching tipping points from which there may be no return. The secretary-general of the United Nations called the recent IPCC report a “code red for humanity”.

Many people are worried but are at a loss as to what they can do.

In this time of climate emergency, it is essential that concerned individuals and groups come together to act collectively and find leverage points to move economic, political, and social systems into more sustainable states that don’t compromise our future. Everything we can do to reduce emissions this decade matters and will be measured in lives, species and ecosystems saved. There are many groups addressing the multiple climate and ecological crises we face, but without some greater coming-together our efforts will not be maximised.

It is for this reason the Extinction Rebellion SA is leading a collaborative, “movement of movements” outreach venture – a Festival of Climate Action (Oct 15-17th). Our partners in the core planning team are Conservation Council SA, School Strike for Climate (SS4C) and the Hills Climate Collective. The intent is to attract a broad range of public, who may not know how they can make a difference, and provide a range of options they can engage with – turning non-activists into activists. People change and reassess values (and commitments) in relationship with others, so we need lots and lots of activists to support this transition in many conversations over the weekend. There will also be plenty for those of us already deeply embedded in activism.

The festival will be held in Tarntanyangga/Vic Square and runs from 2pm – 9:30pm Friday (directly after the School Strike which starts at 11am), Saturday 10:30am – 9:30pm and Sunday 10:30am – 4pm. We will have a film showing both evenings after enjoying some music and food trucks will be available for lunch and dinner.

How to get involved

Contribute a session: This is a grassroots festival with everyone contributing to make it a success. The planning group is scheduling a series of interactive, catalyst presentations but in addition to this there will be open spaces for anyone to initiate a discussion, plan actions together or run a workshop (for adults or children). Book a spot here or email

Volunteer: During the festival there will be lots of things needing done: bumping in/out, helping with the Extinction Rebellion stall or on the Festival welcome desk, Covid Marshalling, tech assistance, helping with the poster art activity, first aid, etc. Put your name on the roster here.

Donate: Putting on a festival is expensive and we want to be able to contribute financially to the artists who help to create the festival vibe (especially after the rough time artists have had during Covid). Please donate and share our crowd funding campaign.

Spread the word: Share the Facebook event or website, invite friends and family, tell everyone!!

Crafternoon: Come and help prepare banners, badges, flags etc. to decorate the space and let everyone passing know that they need to be part of the action. Two sessions are planned at The Joinery, 111 Franklin Street – Sunday 19th Sept 2-6pm & Sunday 10th Oct 10am-4pm

We are so excited to be pulling together the threads of so many groups and individuals doing what is necessary in this time of emergency. Looking forward to some enlivening conversations leading to determined ACTION.