Greetings Rebels,

Welcome to the XRSA August Newsletter. We hope this email finds you safe and well.

We’ve had a massive few weeks of action as we target the pillars of climate collapse. The banks, fossil fuel companies and key fossil fuel infrastructure. Building on top of the weeks of action in Canberra that are still making front pages (see Daily Telegraph today). All of this happens along side a mass mobilisation of Indigenous people in Brazil and rebellion returning to the UK and parts of Europe.

The momentum is building as we move into COP 26 in November and locally a potential Climate Emergency Declaration in October. With both state and federal elections on the horizon.

Let’s step into courage together.

Next Steps for New Rebels

Climate Emergency Petition Tabled

On Tuesday activists from various groups gathered on the steps of Parliament House as an over 10,000 strong petition for a Climate Emergency Declaration was tabled in Parliament by Susan Close MP. Close also put a motion to declare a Climate Emergency which will be debated in the House of Assembly on October 27th before going to a vote.

Under legislation passed in late 2019, formal on-paper petitions are tabled in Parliament and will receive a ministerial response if they exceed 10,000 signatures.

The SA Legislative Council passed a motion declaring a Climate Emergency in September 2019. Let’s keep the pressure on in the lead up to this next vote.

Recent Actions

Fuel Blockade at Exxon Mobil and BP

Last Thursday we held blockades at Exxon Mobil and BP fuel depots as part of the second National Fuel Blockade. Highlighting Australia’s continued dependence on fossil fuels for our transportation system and the need for a just transition for fossil fuel workers.

The blockade at Exxon Mobil’s Birkenhead Terminal was a public action resulting in a preemptive closure of part of the depot. We heard speeches, including from members of the MUA and CEPU unions, and sang many protest songs before moving to the BP terminal.

As part of a planned escalation rebels locked themselves onto both the entrance and exit gates at the BP Fuel Depot just up the road. Rebels Alex, Anna, Cathy, Sarah, Trish, Sandy and Izzy stayed locked on for over two and a half hours blocking 13 trucks from entering and exiting the facility. All walked away without charges or names taken.

Both actions featured rebels dressed as Oilies. Aesthetically representing fossil oil, the death fuel partially responsible for destruction of our planet. They bear witness to this destruction and grieve the planets desecration.

Watch Livestreams (Exxon Mobil / BP) | Watch Action Video | View Photos

Clean Up Santos’ Greenwash

Last week Ian and Mai attempted to pay their window washing charges from our Gas-led Extinction action in March. You may remember this action, Flinders street was blocked off as rebels glued themselves to the road with Ian and Mai scaling the Santos building, releasing smoke flares and spray chalking the building.

Unfortunately Santos refused to send down CEO, Kevin Gallagher to collect the $1375 cheque. An exorbitant charge for a cleaning job Ian and Mai were prepared to do.

In response rebels applied additional spray chalk to the outside of the building, for good measure. With Mai slamming the cheque covered in blood-red glue onto the window. Luckily our our greenwash clean up crew arrived to remove the mess.

Santos is ploughing ahead with destructive fossil fuel projects against the wishes of Traditional Owners, farmers and conservationists while lining their pockets and unleashing a relentless green-washing campaign. They must be stopped.

Watch Livestream | Watch Action Video | View Photos

Don’t NAB Our Future Gouger Street Lock-In

Actions for the Don’t NAB Our Future campaign have escalated recently with local groups across the country holding lock-in actions inside branches. Earlier this month, rebels Mary and Ian jammed the doors shut in a private glass meeting room at the NAB branch on Gouger street.

They were part of a Search and Rescue team looking for NAB’s draft of their upcoming Oil and Gas funding policy. They wanted to ensure that it is in alignment with the recent ‘Code Red for Humanity’ IPCC Report. It is not enough for the same executives who have already supported massive fossil fuel funding to simply consider these reports.

Rebels Sarah, Cate, Sandy and Cathy joined the team inside as they searched for the policy. Police were called out as the branch closed early. Mary and Ian were arrested and accepted bail. They won’t be able to return to the Gouger Street NAB. Luckily they bank responsibly.

Watch Livestream (Inside / Outside) | View Photos

Don’t NAB Our Future National Day of Action

Just days before the NAB Lock-In action was a National Day of Action for the Don’t NAB Our Future campaign. Rebels swarmed NAB branches across Australia, from country towns to urban centres, and made over 500 calls to staff including the Chair of the Board.

In South Australia we held actions in front of NAB on both Pirie and King William Street. There was chalking, singing and even a green washing machine!

This campaign has put relentless pressure on NAB with over 30 Extinction Rebellion groups already targeting NAB branches, offices and ATMs. The pressure is building, and we know from inside sources that it’s working. Join the campaign.

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Guerilla projections at Illuminate Adelaide

As the Illuminate Adelaide Light Cycles event at the Botanic Gardens drew to a close so to did our guerilla projections. These projections, on the walls just outside the event, highlighted the dirty partnership between oil and gas company Santos and the Botanic Gardens. The long-term partnership lends social consent to dangerous oil and gas extraction which is inconsistent with the Botanic Gardens strategic goals of conservation and sustainability.

Rebels returned for 9 nights over the duration of the event. Capturing the attention of hundreds of attendee’s.

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#StitchItDontDitchIt Mend In

Tuesday, September 14th at 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
H&M Rundle Mall (Rundle Mall x Gawler Place)

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Extinction Rebellion – Who Are We?

Sunday, August 29th at 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

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Grow the Rebellion – Welcome & Orientation

Sunday, August 29th at 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

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Nonviolence Training for Civil Disobedience

Wednesday, September 1st at 6:30 PM

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Kaurna history walking tour

Saturday, September 25th at 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
St John’s Church, 271 Carrington Street, Adelaide
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