Greetings Rebels,

Welcome to the XRSA January Newsletter. We hope this email finds you safe and well. We’re looking forward to re-connecting with you and hope that you had a regenerative break period.

Next Steps for New Rebels

XRSA 2020 Review Video

In 2020 XRSA held 26 actions (despite the pandemic disruption!). We connected to past civil disobedience movements through our in person and online Festival of Civil Disobedience. We skilled up. We stepped into courage. We rested. We loved, laughed and continued to rebel.

Kyle from our capture team has put together this video to cover the years events.

Small Acts of Rebellion

Our preparations for large public actions was disrupted by the short lived COVID-19 lockdown in November. In response affinity groups ran a series of small actions throughout December.

Sounding the Alarm

Photograph by Jordan Ellis

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With megaphone, instruments and spray chalk in hand rebels sounded the alarm on six climate wrecking companies. We visited the Adelaide offices of Allianz, Origin Energy, News Corp, Commonwealth Bank, Beach Energy and Santos. Made some noise and spray chalked messages in front of their public facing buildings.

No to a gas-led recovery

Photograph by Jordan Ellis

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On the 1st of December, Santos announced that they would reach net-zero emissions by 2040. A fossil fuel company with net zero emissions? You don’t need to be a climate scientist to understand that a zero emissions future is one without fossil fuels. To highlight this hypocrisy rebels spray chalked barricades that had been installed around their building during foyer upgrades.

Crisis Carols

Photograph by George Manos

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During peak Christmas shopping rebels sang Christmas Carols with a Climate Emergency twist in Rundle Mall. They were joined by four ‘nude’ rebels. Highlighting the vulnerability we all face with the climate emergency.

Santa’s Home is Melting

Watch Action Video | Watch Live Stream (Part 1 & Part 2)

To finish off 2020 rebels dressed as Santa and their elves and dropped banners from the giant Christmas tree in Tarntanyangga (Victoria Square). The banners read ‘Goodwill to Earth’ and ‘Climate Peace’. Rebels, Mai and Keith were arrested and charged with trespass and property damage.

Victor Harbor Banner Drop

Photograph by Marc Wilson

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The South Coast affinity group returned to Ring Road in Victor Harbor to drop banners and do some chalking. Affinity groups contain about 10-15 activists who step into courage and take action together. They’re known for promoting activist safety and well being.

Reverse Graffiti

Reverse graffiti is the process of cleaning a surface to reveal your message. If you’ve ever scribbled ‘Clean Me’ on a dirty vehicle then you know what we mean. Rebels recently upgrade their tools from tooth brushes to high pressure water cleaner.

March Mass Disruption

On March 22 around the country rebels will converge on major economic hubs and disrupt business as usual – day after day in mass actions of civil disobedience.

We will be as COVID safe and responsible as we can, while we deal with the converging crisis of COVID and climate collapse. Now is the time to connect with like-minded people, step into courage and prepare yourself now for March.

Register here for updates.

Crowdfunding Campaign

To cover fines incurred towards the end of 2020 rebels started their own crowdfunding campaign. They recently hit their target to cover $1955 worth of fines. However the campaign is still running with additional donates covering upcoming fines and legal fees for actions already in the works. You can chip in here.

Submission into Media Diversity Inquiry

The XRSA Political Strategy Circle has made a submission to the Senate Inquiry into media diversity in Australia. You can read the submission here.

Bicycle Die In – #BreakAwayFromGas

Monday, January 18th at 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Gawler Place Rundle Mall
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Bring your bicycle or bike helmet to create a symbolic image highlighting the impact of the climate crisis and extreme heat on cycling and cyclist health. Call on the Tour Down Under to #BreakAwayFromGas, and replace fossil fuel company Santos with a new, green sponsor by 2023.

This action is a Fossil Free SA, 350 Australia and XR SA collaboration.

Heading for Extinction Talk

Saturday, February 6th at 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Cafe Outside the Square, 34 Whitmore Square, Adelaide
RSVP on Action Network

We are facing a climate and ecological emergency. We must act.

Come and hear about the situation facing us and about the potential for using nonviolent civil disobedience to move our governments to action. Meet local people who share your concerns for the future of life on earth and discuss what we can do together.

Welcome to Extinction Rebellion – Our DNA

Tuesday, February 2nd at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

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Are you new to Extinction Rebellion or an old hand keen to refresh or re-ground your understanding of Extinction Rebellion DNA?

In this key 2-hour workshop we’ll take a deep dive into XR culture exploring:

  • Our Three key Demands
  • Our Principles & Values – the basis of the Rebel Code under which we operate
  • Our story, strategy and theory of change

Online Nonviolence Training for Civil Disobedience

Saturday, January 30st at 2:00 PM – 3:45 PM
RSVP on Action Network

This training will prepare you for non-violent participation in civil disobedience. You will leave with an understanding of why non-violence is vital to our civil disobedience actions, how it is achieved and what further steps you need to take to be ready to act.

Extinction Cafe

Croydon, Queen Street Cafe
Marion, Marion Hotel
Adelaide, Cafe Outside the Square
Blackwood, Montagna Cafe

Come and join us for a chat about Extinction Rebellion and the climate and ecological crisis we are facing.This is an opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with other local people about what it’s like to be living through the 6th mass extinction and to discover how Extinction Rebellion is responding to the crisis. Next steps to becoming involved will be discussed and all your questions answered.

Red Rebel Information Afternoon

Sunday, February 7th at 1 PM – 5 PM
The Joinery, 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide
RSVP on Action Network

Have you seen Extinction Rebellion’s Red Rebel Brigade? We’re the ghostly-white figures cloaked in scarlet-red, drifting gracefully throughout some of XR’s actions.

We come to support the arrestable rebels, to de-escalate confrontational situations, we block roads by crossing slowly or flocking in junctions, but only long enough to provoke emotive responses. We make appearances in both nature and urban settings, creating a contrast with the surrounding environment.

At this information afternoon learn:

  • what is involved and if being a Red Rebel would suit you?
  • what we represent and our impact on society

Come along and meet us and learn more about this silent street theatre activists group.