Our first demand is to #TellTheTruth. 

The truth right now: the coronavirus (Covid-19) is here, it’s dangerous, and mass public gatherings increase the risks on the most vulnerable people in our society.

We can no longer commit to the nationwide rebellion planned for May 2 onwards.

We’re already working on creative alternatives during this crisis, but mass civil disobedience is necessary to get us out of the one big crisis we’re all suffering through—the crisis for our planet, our future, life itself. 

Rest assured: there will be a mass mobilisation of the people across this country when it’s safe to do so.

Until then, we’ll continue to organise within our local communities, connect people outside the broken institutions, build social bonds, help the most marginalised get through these crises, and empower people to take action when the time is right.

As this coronavirus crisis progresses, let’s remember what’s coming if we don’t radically change the way society works, and reflect on what a last-minute global response to an existential crisis looks like.

Mayhem in airports, flights cancelled, people stranded, sick people abandoned on ships, supermarkets empty, no toilet paper, no hygiene products, food shortages, health systems overwhelmed.

Now that it’s hit the economy, the government has suddenly found money that wasn’t there when the bushfires hit. When people died and a billion animals burned alive. When the floods ripped through. When the rivers got sucked dry by mining companies. When the reef died. When taps ran dry in rural towns. When farmers walked off their land. 

The government didn’t act to save lives. But it acted to save the economy.

Because our system isn’t about people—it’s about money.

This rebellion isn’t just about climate change. It’s about system change. The system that caused this climate crisis is the same system that has brought about this coronavirus crisis.

The system got us here, and we need a new system to get us out of this.

Let’s listen to the scientists. Remember what’s at stake. Act out of love, not fear. Look after the most vulnerable around us. Take care of each other until this virus abates.

Then rebel.