Cover photograph by Peter Barnes

As 2019 draws to a close we thought we’d take this opportunity to reflect on the year and the amazing movement we’ve built together. We are going to take a break over the holiday period but will be back early next year as we build for the next international rebellion in April.

If you haven’t already, then you can Join up – and persuade friends to do the sameYou can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. 2020 is going to be a big year for the movement and we’ll be rolling out details about upcoming events soon.

If you haven’t already:

  • Watch our Heading for Extinction presentation. We regularly deliver this talk but you can also watch it online.
  • Register for our XR DNA Workshop to learn about our self-organising system and where you fit within the movement.
  • Complete our Conscientious Protector training to prepare yourself for non-violent direct action.

If you can’t spare the time to commit to XRSA but would like to help financially, head over to our donate page. Every little bit helps.

2019 in Review

The initial organising team for XR began meeting in late 2018. In February we held our first major public events with a strategy day in Adelaide along with a strategy meeting and talk in Willunga. These events led to the initial formation of our working groups and of the Down South local group.

Photograph by Peter Barnes

In March we held Declaration Day in which we presented our demands to government, visited The Advertiser to ask the media to Tell the Truth and gathered in Tarndanyangga/Victoria Square to hold a citizen’s assembly.

Photograph by XRSA
View Action for Future Generations Video

In April we began training rebels to be Conscientious Protectors in preparation for the first International Rebellion. We held our Action for Future Generations in which rebels occupied Parliament House until they were physically removed by security. We also held our first marshal training, did our first banner drop and ran a live music fundraiser.

Photograph by XRSA
View Singing Flash Mob Action Video | View Santos AGM Video

In May and June, we presented our Heading for Extinction talks in Harnhdorf and Nuriootpa, which led to the formation of several affinity groups in those regions. We also held a snap action in front of the Santos AGM, co-hosted a Climate Action Now! Protest and held our singing flash mob action.

Photograph by XRSA
View Funeral for Human Race Video | View Bicycle Swarm Video

In July we held our Funeral for the Human Race action in front of the Adelaide morgue. Rebels laid dead, covered in white sheets while we held a mourning ceremony for those who’ve died due to climate inaction. We also held our first of six bicycle swarm actions during the second half of the year.

Photograph by Matt Walker Photography
View Museum Die in Video | View Amazon Indigenous Women’s Solidarity Action

In August we held our first Die-in at the Adelaide Museum. We filled part of the foyer with rebels who don’t want us to join the dinosaurs. We also held a solidarity action with the First Indigenous Women’s March in Brasilia.

Photograph by XRSA
View On the Verge of Extinction – Sea Level Rise Traffic Swarm Video

In September we held our first traffic smarm by doing the Nutbush at the zebra crossing on Pirie St. This was followed later in the month by a roadblock on Sir Donald Bradman Drive. Rebels dressed in their underwater gear to draw attention to the risk of sea level rise.

Photograph by Steven Trutwin
View Spring Rebellion Block Party Video | View Bicycle Swarm Video

The second international rebellion, called the Spring Rebellion in Australia, occurred in October. We had a week of actions that included traffic swarms, a Die-in at Rundle Mall and a massive block party on Pulteney/Rundle St. You can read more about the Spring Rebellion in our wrap up blog post.

Photograph by George Manos
Watch Sing for Truth Facebook Live Stream | Watch Banner Drop Video

In November we focused our efforts on solidifying the gains the movement had made during the Spring Rebellion. We rolled out talks and training across the state and focused on building up our affinity groups. One affinity group organised an action in Norwood in which Rebels sang climate carols in order to encourage the council to declare a climate emergency. Another affinity group held a banner drop at the base of the South Eastern Freeway.

Photograph by Peter Barnes
Watch Heads in the Sand Video

In December, we rounded out the year by putting our heads in the sand at the Glenelg foreshore to symbolise the lack of climate action from our nation’s leaders. This coming Saturday is our last action for the year. We’ll be singing Climate Christmas Carols in Rundle Mall. You can RSVP on Facebook or view the event details on our website.

2019 in Numbers

This year we’ve run over 150 events across South Australia. This has included:

  • Nearly 50 Heading for Extinction Presentations in which we’ve communicated the urgency of the climate and ecological crisis to an audience of over 600 people.
  • 17 DNA Workshops that have taught over 160 rebels about our self organising system, principles and values.
  • 12 Conscientious Protector trainings that prepared over 200 rebels to take non-violent direct action. We now have more activists trained for NVDA than there has ever been in South Australia.

Our social media reach includes:

  • Facebook page with over 3500 followers with a total reach of over 80,000 people.
  • Instagram account with nearly 1300 followers
  • Twitter account with over 1500 followers with tweets reaching over 1.2 million views in September alone.

Our membership database includes over 1300 rebels with 15 active affinity groups that are organising their own actions. It is quite an accomplishment that this has all been achieved within a year.


Thank You

We’d like to thank you for joining us for an amazing 2019. We hope you have a safe break over the summer. We’ll see you in 2020.

With love and courage,