A lot of the political and activist energy around Australia lately has been sucked into the black hole of the Federal Election campaign. We understand why this happens, as our elections are heralded as key moments in the democratic process.
However, within Extinction Rebellion, we can offer a different perspective. Whatever happens on May 18th, we can say with almost certainty that we will have one of two governments (ALP or Coalition) and that both will have policies that simply do not act boldly enough to save us from climate catastrophe. We don’t need to get into an argument about who has the least-worst policies, because a slower-moving catastrophe is still catastrophic!
Our task, as climate rebels, is to demand that all parties have, at a minimum, policies that guarantee the survival of our planetary eco-systems, and the uncountable lives which depend on them. If the party you represent, or vote for, is not prepared to do this, then they are betraying your life, and the lives of your descendants and friends. Most political parties are not at this point yet, right across the world.
Our goal as Extinction Rebellion is to compel governments to enact binding policies to guarantee our collective safety, and make possible continued existence on this planet. We’d love it if they’d go further, and commit not just to stopping the damage, but actively restoring flourishing ecosystems and communities. So when you wake to (possible) disappointment on the morning of Sunday 19th May (or whenever the results become known), remember there is still something you can do. You do not need to despair at our hollowed-out democracy, and our politicians’ willingness to remain captive to vested interests (most critically, businesses and national governments whose entire existence/rationale relies on climate pollution).
Instead you can join us, and work for a brighter future, with a plan to ensure the safety of humans and non-humans alike. How could you say no? ๐Ÿ˜‰