Paint the Streets is about telling truth about the climate emergency, and engaging in resistance to widespread denial.

It aims to…
• Raise awareness for April 15th: International call to action
Raise the alarm on the environmental emergency
• Remind the world politics is failing but there are solutions and hope.
• Use images and performances to tell the truth on climate breakdown,  ecological collapse, and the criminal actions of our governments
Drive people to the website or to search online
• Break the media echo chamber – reach out to new audiences
• Shock, mystify, amuse, bring hope, stir up anger, or inspire people

It should feel…
Inclusive (paint your house, neighbourhood or social media)!
• Affirming, with action across the world
Provocative, to get attention
• Confidence-building for new activists
• Low-level, and relatively stress-free actions
• A LOT of fun

It is important to remember that Extinction Rebellion South Australia is just getting started, and most of you will not yet be linked into affinity groups – which are tight-knit teams of activists who support each other in peaceful civil disobedience. We need to be able to support all our activists legally and practically, in any actions they take challenging denial about climate emergency. We are therefore recommending that your Paint the Streets actions focus on less permanent impacts (posters, chalking, drama, arts-based interventions) – have fun spreading the word.

Yarrow, Coordinating Group, XRSA